Office & Conference

Banish unhealthy afternoon snack solutions and increase your employees performance and lower stress levels. From the elegant presentation in the conference room to staff kitchen - we have the right offer for you. Make your employees and visitors a unique happiness offering. 

Products available: 
Infused CBD Edibles for events 


Wellness & Hotel

Whether in your hotel, beauty salon, gym or SPA - Daily Dose of Chill® offers a new experience in different situations. From use in the room, wellness area or at the bar. Daily Dose of Chill® is the special extra touch to your offerings. 

Products available: 
SOL & LUNA Drops for room service 
Special Cocktails to add to your signature cocktails at the bar                             
Massage oil & Tigerbalm for gym and wellness 
CBD Gummie Jars for receptions
Custom food catering for events 

White label options with your logo

Upcoming event? Collaboration? White Label Options? Are you looking for an original gift for your customers, employees or partners? Give something special with Daily Dose of Chill®.