Nicole Kush Hash 88.01% CBD
Nicole Kush Hash 88.01% CBD

Nicole Kush Hash 88.01% CBD

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Earthy & Woody
Here is the newcomer to our hash family. Nicole Kush is an intense hash, with a high charge of CBD and termepenes. The effect is of extreme relaxation, the right product to have at home after a busy day. This hash ha is the result of a cold beating with a 190 micron mesh ... a specialty for connoisseurs.

After many months of searching we are happy to find the best hash we have tested. A handmade product of highest quality with full body this natural hash denotes an earthy aroma giving off distinct spicy tones.

Terpene Profile:

    • Myrcene (insomnia and pain acting light sedative)

All of our products are grown without any kind of pesticides or synthetic sprays.

This product is not for consumption. It is intended as an aroma product or for manufacture into other products such as cosmetics. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Keep out of reach of children. Exclusively for sale persons over 18.