30% Golden Rosin CBD Oil 10ml
30% Golden Rosin CBD Oil 10ml
30% Golden Rosin CBD Oil 10ml

30% Golden Rosin CBD Oil 10ml

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If you’re looking to get the most potent CBD oil, or the strongest CBD oil that can provide serious relief 

Our Golden Rosin are the strongest CBD Oil on the European market with 30% pure full spectrum premium extraction. Each 10ml bottle has 3000mg of pure CBD extracted from only the CBD flowers in Switzerland. This product is for serious and daily users with chronic conditions.  

Our CBD drops are made with a special slow heat extraction process from the finest hand picked Swiss flowers only. Unlike other oils there is no extraction from the leaves, stem or seeds which create excess low quality oil. 

The slow heat extraction retains the plant’s original terpenes and phytocannabinoids without the bitter unpleasant flavour to deliver a full spectrum formula slightly nutty lemony flavour that creates a sense of calm. The extract is then mixed and packaged in Berlin with an organic MCT oil. 

Perfect for management of chronic pain. 

Start with 1 drop wait 15mins until using more to feel the effects. 

  • Full Spectrum extract from only high grade Swiss flowers
  • Helps to relieve pain, aid sleep and heal the body internally and topically
  • Gluten free, Non GMO & Vegan
  • Packaged in Berlin from Swiss Flowers 

10ml Dropper Bottle

  • 3000mg / 30% 
  • 1 drop = 15mg 

    What makes Daily Dose of Chill CBD oils different from others?

    • Easy dosing for different effects 
    • No bitter tastes or plant only delicious natural
    • Super discrete, you can carry in your bag
    • Made in Germany with premium Swiss extraction of Rosin  
    • Laboratory certification 
    • Natural full extract with important cannabinoids and terpenes
    • Hand crafted in small batches in Berlin 
    • Free shipping 

      Ingredients: Organic MCT coconut oil, 3000mg Full Spectrum CBD concentrate extracted only from Swiss grown flowers

      All of our products are grown without any kind of pesticides or synthetic sprays.

      Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Keep out of reach of children. Exclusively for sale persons over 18.


      Are There Advantages To Higher MG CBD Doses?

      The advantage of using on of the most potent CBD oils is that it takes less of the oil to achieve the desired effect. Just like with any drug or medication, a person can build up a tolerance. If you have been using lower dosage CBD oils for a while now, then you might have built up a tolerance, and you’re finding that you go through a bottle of oil tincture a lot quicker than you used to. If that is the case, then you will probably want to get one of the strongest cbd oil tinctures.

      People who have particularly severe symptoms that they are trying to treat with CBDs might also find that it is more effective to use one of the strongest cbd oil tinctures. If you haven’t been able to get rid of your chronic pain or anxiety with a lower dose, then using the 4000 mg tincture will almost certainly get the job done. These higher dose oils also work more quickly in the body, so that you can feel the relief from the effects faster than waiting for a lower dose to take effect. 

      A major appeal of CBDs is that you cannot take a fatal overdose of the drug. However, you can take so much that it can neutralize certain enzymes in your liver which allow for other medications to take effect in your body. If you are on any other medications and thinking about taking CBD oils, you should consult with your doctor beforehand, and talk about the appropriate dose for you and your needs.

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